One of One Hundred #2

NFT – One – One of One Hundred #2

One, the number, stands out against a dark and deep background illuminated by gray and material rays that emanate from a lost point in the infinite, filling the visual field in every direction. The contrast between one, of metallic and silver material and a gold profile, and the background, gives us the idea of ​​a […]

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NFT -One - One of One hundreda

NFT – One – One of One Hundred #1

One of a hundred. One stands out from a material background with a rich and dynamic Red and White Sunburst. As an epic photogram of the genesis Uno has recently been conceived of the same material as the environment to which it belongs, however, featuring new materials, Gold and silver, and leaving behind unused material […]

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Angel Playing the guitar #16

NFT – Guitarist Angel #16

NFT: An Angel plays the electric guitar, the light envelops him on an optical background, orderly but restless, full of phatos, ready to explode in a wild dance of joy, light and color. The air is full of music and whoever concerns him enters the scene as a protagonist … perhaps it is enough to […]

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NFT - Guitarist Angel

NFT – Angel Playing Guitar #14

NFT – The angel plays the guitar, the air is light and vibrant with musical notes, spheres of light dance and I am happy. # 14 of the Musician Angels collection. Inspired by Baroque art, he reinterprets in a modern key one of the angels of the Sant’Angelo Bridge in Rome, from the Bernini school, […]

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