Angel Playing the guitar #16

NFT – Guitarist Angel #16

NFT: An Angel plays the electric guitar, the light envelops him on an optical background, orderly but restless, full of phatos, ready to explode in a wild dance of joy, light and color. The air is full of music and whoever concerns him enters the scene as a protagonist … perhaps it is enough to squint your eyes, free your mind and dream.
An NFT work inspired by the Baroque that re-elaborates in a post-modern key one of the angels of the Bernini school placed guarding Ponte Sant’Angelo, in Rome.
This NFT is a unique piece and is part of the Angeli Musicisti series.
Minted by Mintable App the file is 5000×5000 px high resolution, resalable and with all usage rights

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Angel Playing the guitar #166

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