Circus Printable Photo Booth

$ 6,00

Circus Photo Booth
Printable 19,6×19,6 inches
High Resolution 300 DPI
3 Templates


Circus Photo Booth printable19.6 x 19.6 inches (50×50 cm) in high resolution. Characterize your event, whether after show, a birthday or any party giving your guests a fun Bhoto Booth to create nice pictures to share and send to friends.
1) Send the file to a print provider to print it on heavy paper , of the size you want (you can also increase the file size because the resolution is excellent)
2) Cut out the black hole, or attach it to the wall like a poster, customize by writing your Claim on the Banner
3) Done! Now you can take lots of fun photos

The file is provided in 3 versions, with different background cirus patterns, you can print the one you like, or all three.
You can customize the Photo Booth for your event by writing your message on the bottom of the message, whether it’s the date, the name of the show, the birthday party or a hashtag to share.
And above all … fun!

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